Saturday 20 Nov 2021

November 20: Luke 20:28-38

Key Verse: Luke 20:38
He is not the God of the dead, but of the living, for to him all are alive.”

This is just one of the occasions when the Sadducees (or others) tried to trick Jesus by asking impossible questions. Each time He was asked awkward questions, Jesus would answer them according to what God’s Word said – and in this case answering them by showing the question itself was based on an invalid assumption!

It is safe to say the rules in Heaven are not going to be the same as the rules here on earth. We will be different – Jesus has already told us we will face the resurrection which means we will be brought back to life but in a different form. Why should we be limited by earthly rules and laws when we are no longer going to be on earth? Why should we be limited to living our lives in relationships, jobs and different families?

Jesus reminds us here we are born into the family of God – all as one family – so we will not have to choose things which pertain to being in different families. We will not have to get married or have children; all that is for our lives on earth and to expand our families so we can keep the human race going generation after generation. In Heaven we will no longer face getting old or having to die again – that will all be behind us!

So if someone asks you whether you can get remarried or whatever – answer them by pointing out they are looking at this all wrong. While we are here on earth we live under rules for our earthly lives. When we get to heaven we will all be as brothers and sisters in one family with God as our parent(s)

Points to Ponder:
Do you try view Heaven by earthly concepts?

Will you try to open your mind to a new way of living with God?