Monday 22 Nov 2021

November 22: Daniel 1:8-20

Key Verse: Daniel 1:17
To these four young men God gave knowledge and understanding of all kinds of literature and learning. And Daniel could understand visions and dreams of all kinds.

We can look at this passage in various lights: as the resolve for Daniel to ensure they followed God’s guidance, as the guidance of God over people who do not yet know Him, or as the rewards God gives us when we do listen. It is not about how vegetarians are following God better than meat eaters!

Daniel wanted to make sure they followed God’s advice. He listened to where God was guiding him and he stood up to anyone who tried to lead them away from God. The food which was being dished up by the king was not good in Daniels eyes; it may well have been gained through ill-gotten ways and so Daniel refused to eat it. He knew God provided for him and by eating plain food he was ensuring he continued to rely on God and not man.

Even though the guard looking after them did not yet believe in God, God persuaded him to have have compassion on Daniel and the others. God does not need you to believe in Him before He can do things through you – He can work with anyone. If this were not so, many Christians today would not have become Christians because they did not start out believing!

When we do listen to God and obey His requests and guidance, we will find doors being opened for us in many ways. When Daniel and the others listened to God, they found their health was better (probably because of less unhealthy food stuffs) and they began to learn quicker than normal – not because the food was doing it, but because God was doing it! They because much more learned than the kings magicians and enchanters.

Points to Ponder:
Do you listen to God or take the easiest ways?

Will you try to obey God even when things get a bit tougher?