Friday 26 Nov 2021

November 26: Luke 21:29-33

Key Verse: Luke 21:33
Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.

Have you been watching the leave change colour around you lately? In my flat I have one tree out the front on which the leaves turned yellow and seem to all fall off in a couple of days, and yet one at the back which seems to be waiting for something else before it sheds it’s leaves! We can, in general, look at the trees and bushes and know roughly what season it is from the colour of leaves or how fast they are growing…

We can watch various things happening in our lives and and lives of people around us and, again in general, make educated guesses as to what generation those people are or even what part of the world they come from… These are all things we learn by constant observation year after year, or we are taught about them in school and grow to remember those facts.

How many facts do you remember from God’s Word? I used to think I was pretty useless at remembering facts because I would always do badly in exams. I started to think there was something different about my mind! But when I started reading through God’s Word and studying it, I started to remember all sorts of things. I have gained a lot of confidence in my life because I was able to remember things and apply them into my life and even tell others about them too!

Jesus wanted people to know many truths which they had corrupted over time and so He would teach people in various ways so they would remember the truth. We now have so much of what He taught written down in many different languages in our bibles. We can study what He taught and pass on that information to others. Some words tell us of the good things which happened, some tell us of the bad things, whilst others tell us of things which are yet to happen. Take head of those words because they remain unchanged!

Points to Ponder:
How much do you read your bible?

Will you make a plan to read through the bible next year?