What are you doing!

How many times have you feared those words in your past when someone (usually your parents or guardians) shouted them because you were doing something you should not have been? How many times have you tried to run away because you know you are going to be caught?

All of us continue to get things wrong at some stage in our lives, whether we are giving in to temptation or giving in to peer pressure, we go off the rails and find ourselves on the wrong end of the consequences of our actions! I guess that is why they are known as consequences to us! God would rather we got everything right all of the time but lets face it, we don't and we continue to get things wrong.

This is why Jesus did what He did a couple of thousand years ago. He knew we would get things wrong so He created a way in which we can escape the final consequences; but in order to get there we have to do something.

No it's not arduous, but it is life changing. We need to turn away from the constant lies and corruption and turn toward the truth. If we accept Jesus has done this for our sake and we ask Him to help us out - He has already promised He will help us out!

Happy Easter!