Just Bread 1.4

New Release 1.4

Android App version 1.4 of the JustBread software has been released. The only change is to link in the fetch time with the phones local timezone so that people in USA do not get the bread the day before :-)

[Update: 1.5 released with DST fix :-P]

In Christ


Get the App

Get the App!

We're Live!

Ok, so we have now just published the app for Android and are working on a BlackBerry version. There is a small app for Windows if you don't want to browse the site - check out the software downloads section for that.

As we develop things further and move forward we will hopefully be bringing your more content, and maybe more apps too

[UPDATE] I now have a couple of versions of the BlackBerry app for testing. They don't do much yet but I just want to be able to prove that it works before sprucing them up and submitting them to the BlackBerry App site... Take a look in the updated 'Devotions Software' section below and click on the 'JustBread' link. As More software becomes available I will add more links...


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