Monday 2 Oct 2023

October 2: Luke 9:46-50

Key Verse: Luke 9:50
‘Do not stop him,’ Jesus said, ‘for whoever is not against you is for you.’

One thing I continue to struggle with in church is the human assessed hierarchy imposed which people stick to rather than what Jesus was teaching! We this this in action when the disciples were discussing between them who would be the greatest: They were probably doing this by assessing who would do more and who would have the greater following.

God does not measure our worth by how many people get to follow us or how many people we say we ‘saved’ because it is not us doing the convincing and saving but the Spirit of God doing that in people’s hearts. We are only the instruments by which they can open the book and see what is available and God who changes their hearts by giving them purpose in His kingdom!

When we go about church business as a business instead of God’s kingdom, we lose focus on the important things in God’s eyes. When Jesus caught on to what the disciples were discussing He brought a child to stand next to Him and made it a personal choice. If they were willing to accept a strangers child as their own just because He asked them to, then would not Jesus accept them just because the Father had asked it of Jesus.

This is a very personal relationship we have with God and one which we should concentrate on because it is our personal relationship. If we simply do things because ‘the business’ demands it, then we are not considering God’s will in anything but man kinds will alone!

Points to Ponder:
How do you see yourself in your local church?

Will you simply be a child of God and act accordingly?