Sunday 1 Oct 2023

October 1: Luke 12:22-30

Key Verse: Luke 12:23
For life is more than food, and the body more than clothes.

I don’t know about you but I love to watch videos of the various harvesting methods from around the world at this time of year to see how much food the land gives us; all because God said He would provide for us! I know the farmers do work extraordinarily hard especially over the past month as they gather in all the crops and plan for storage and delivery; so I ask God to bless them for all they do and allow them to have plentiful harvests for their sakes.

We are reminded through these words by the apostle how we are reliant on God through nature to make the seeds germinate, how they seedlings have to be taken care of and eventually the harvest gathered for all people to enjoy. But we also see how God supplies all of nature with the food they need to continue their survival too. Animals of all kinds do not normally have to store vast amounts of food in hugs bins and silos because God has taught them how to gather the right amount.

We should take notice of the fact they know how to gather the right amount because many try to store up more than they need or buy too much when others are in need. We need to remember God has placed us in charge of keeping each other alive and not just survival of the fittest!

God placed so much provision and beauty around us through nature and we need to remember who the supplier is. We need to remember how much we need to work and support each other so we can all survive. We need to love our neighbours so nobody needs to go hungry when they don’t have the means to gather or buy supplies… because God has asked us to do so!

Points to Ponder:
Do you have a hand in the food supply chain?

Why not try to be a helping hand for someone who needs assistance?