Friday 20 Nov 2020

November 20: Psalm 23:1-6
Key Verse: Psalm 23:1
The lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.
When we put our faith and trust in God, we get to know just how much He loves us and how much He is willing to care for us too. I have always been amazed at how my parents have continued to love me despite me getting mixed up in sordid things! I have seen how much God cares for me, especially after being through desperate times in Hospital. I know God watches over me more than I can imagine because I have seen His protection over me.
IF we are willing to walk close to Him, we will be able to experience His love first hand and live in that love. We may start to think this is the life and get lax about the way you live; but God continue to want us to be aware of the evil one always lurking around us. We may feel very safe and wander off to explore different things, forgetting about staying close for protection... but, just as a good parent, God is watching us and keeping His eye on us.
God wants us to remain in His everlasting care and He wants to give us the best lives He can give us, which does require some input from us too. If God prepares the feast for us and we reject the invitation for that feast, we will never get to see it! If God prepares a wonderful place for us, we will not see it until we move into it! We do have to turn away from the world and all the glistening things in life and turn toward the things God wants us to be near.
This could mean walking away from a real world feast and giving a helping hand to someone who has no food and is living on the streets. This could mean turning away from a big gathering to attend to the care of a single person who shows a need. This could mean simply giving the cost of your morning cup of coffee to another person so they can buy a meal for the family.
Points to Ponder:
How well do you think you follow God’s will?
Are you ready to give when God asks?

Thursday 19 Nov 2020

November 19: Matthew 6:25-34
Key Verse: Matthew 6:26
Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?
I do find these verses hard to read at times, especially when I am feeling down, rejected or anxious; but God’s promise stands no matter where we are in our lives and no matter how we are feeling! Jesus came to remind us of God’s promise and to give us hope through what He was able to do. We now have the Holy Spirit living with us so we can continue to know God has everything in hand.
It may not look like it when we are focused on the world around us, on our clothes or on the bank balance – but God has a plan. If we are willing to humble ourselves before Him and listen to what He has in store for us, we can be assured of a better life. That better life will probably no mean living in the best house or having the best car or clothes; but it will be having the most hope for your future!
Each time I see birds fluttering around here in London, I am reminded of how much God cares for us. They don’t get to have the best bird tables laid out with fresh country seeds, but they do get fed and they do bring joy to many people like me. If God can do this for tiny birds, then think how much more He can do you us when we focus on Him in our lives. The birds just accept God’s love and care without knowing it – they just are in God’s care.
We tend to get tied up in all the glitter of the world around us and we start to judge our own lives based on the glitter in the lives of people around us. We measure ourselves against worldly measures and forget about the eternal life we are going to have after we leave this earth. I thank God He has a firm grip on my life, and I try to listen to His instruction and His will so I can draw closer to Him every day.
Points to Ponder:
How are you measuring your life?
Will you allow God to show you your true life?

Wednesday 18 Nov 2020

November 18: John 15:1-8
Key Verse: John 15:2
He cuts off every branch in me that bears no fruit, while every branch that does bear fruit he prunes so that it will be even more fruitful.
It is good to read and re-read passages from the bible because you get to understand the words and meaning behind the words as the Holy Spirit ministers to you. I know that sounds very evangelical but go over these few verses a few times and see what God say to you today.
As I look out at the garden and think of all the pruning I should have done last month, I begin to see just how important these words and actions are. When I was in hospital, not a lot was done with the garden and it showed when I finally did come home. The garden looked patchy and in dire need of work – but as soon as the rains started, so much of it sprung to life without me doing anything (at that time there was not a lot I could do because of my physical condition)
It reminded me how God is behind every life on earth and how His Living Water reaches far beyond our limits and restrictions. We should be willing to get in there are do the basic garden work so the harvest can be more fruitful, and the splendour even more than we can imagine! God calls us to tend to His flock daily – not to go into the garden centres to prune their plants, but to stay where we are and work with what we have: our neighbours!
God will not make it plain sailing because we will get lazy and not do anything to promote growth. But when He prunes in and around us, the growth afterward is even more than we can do and expect from ourselves. Allow God to do His work diligently and listen to His instructions so we can work diligently too!
Points to Ponder:
Are you growing lazy in the lock-down?
What is God asking of you now, right now?

Tuesday 17 Nov 2020

November 17: 1 Corinthians 8:4-8
Key Verse: 1 Corinthians 8:6
yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live; and there is but one Lord, Jesus Christ, through whom all things came and through whom we live.
Sometimes we get carried away with wanting to know everything instead of resting faithfully in God’s grip! We like to think we are drawing closer to God though the things we read and all the things we do. Let us continue to always lift our one true God and to proclaim the name and deity of the name of Jesus Christ; let us also rest in the peace and mercy of the Holy Spirit who indwells us and continues to watch over us in everything we do.
I have been in churches where certain foods are not allowed to be eaten, in churches where certain drinks are not allowed to be drunk and, in many churches where certain things are not allowed to be said or done! God calls each one of us to live our lives with and for Him and those lives are going to be very different according to where we live. When we moved onto our local estate to live amongst the community, to belong to the community and to bring them the good news of the gospel, our lives changed dramatically.
If Jesus can come to live amongst people who are breaking the laws all the time, then we should be willing to do so too. It is not up to us to judge whether people are doing things right or wrong but to bring them the truth from and about Jesus Christ. We have done enough things wrong in our own lives to exclude us from Heaven – but because of Christ’s mercy and faithfulness, He has paid the price for our sins and allows us to join Him in Heaven.
Stop focusing on the rules people set up and focus on sharing the love Jesus has shared with us. We are the church, and we need to share the good news at all times wherever we are!
Points to Ponder:
Do you exclude things from your life?
Do you exclude people just because they are different?

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